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The Shift from Content to Knowledge

Shift from Content to Knowledge

The Future of Content Marketing for Professional Service Firms

Professional Services firms have spent the past 20 years learning to differentiate and drive growth through digital content marketing. As a leader in such a firm, you’ve likely invested heavily in crafting blogs, white papers, and social media strategies. However, with the advent of Gen-AI, the era of “content as king” is coming to a close. It is time to turn our focus to a more powerful and enduring asset: knowledge. It’s not that content isn’t important, in fact it remains essential. But,

" In the Gen-AI era, where content is practically free to create, the value lies more in the insight and knowledge that informs it. "

The transition from content creation to knowledge management is not just strategic; it is a matter of survival. To succeed in this new era, professional services firm must leverage three kinds of Knowledge:

In the Gen AI era, all of these knowledge sources can be tapped for new experiences and content generation. However, we have found that there is a fourth kind of knowledge that we think will emerge as crucial for professional services firms in the Gen-AI era:

Your private knowledge, whether unstructured or curated, is the core of your Intellectual Property (IP). It is what makes your firm unique and valuable. The beautiful part is that there is now a reward for getting your arms around your knowledge: great and practically free content and new, powerful interactive experiences. And, as it turns out, Gen-AI can help make knowledge management easy. Gen-AI without Knowledge is of limited value, and Knowledge management without Gen-AI is a dead-end, but together they are extremely potent.


A Case Study for a Financial Services Firm

As a great example of what it means to shift from content focus to knowledge focus, we were approached by a financial services firm who wanted to create an AI-based Sales Development Rep (Gen-AI based chat) to qualify inbound prospects. They named the project “Max”. The idea was for Max to be able to do three things at once: gather information needed to qualify or disqualify a prospect, answer their questions about the firm and about small business taxes and accounting, and trigger appropriate follow-up actions. The original idea was to use existing content (unstructured knowledge) as sources for question answering. However, we quickly learned that a blog post from, say, 2021 with out-of-date information, though harmless to a reader who can easily see that it is a few years old, is dangerous when used to generate fresh answers to live questions. Something had to change.

To power Max we used Gen-AI to extract a collection of questions and answers as the starting point for a new kind of knowledge base. Then, we provided powerful AI-based tools to help the firm’s experts curate their knowledge going forward. They now have a set of over 500 Known Good Answers (KGAs) that are easy to manage and use to drive all manner of content creation. This company is making the shift from content to knowledge and they are winning. They are investing in new skills with new tools (building and managing a semi-structured proprietary knowledge base), that makes their content and experience driven sales pipeline far more efficient.

The Big Picture:

Gen-AI is not just a faster way to do the same old thing. For professional service firms who have invested in a content driven client journey, from marketing to prospect qualification, and onboarding to service and support, Gen-AI makes it easy and fast to create all of that content, but based on what? The answer, and the big idea, is Knowledge.


We are helping firms like yours move from a content-centric mindset to a knowledge-centric one, replacing investments in single-purpose content with high value multi-purpose curated knowledge, which, in turn, drives dynamic content generation and direct client experience. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about how you can win the Gen-AI era.



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