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Formations empowers their sales development team with Simply Augmented Conversational AI and a Known Good Answer knowlege base

Financial Services
United States
Business Background:
In the ecosystem of self-employment and small businesses, there lies an underserved niche: solo entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises. Formations ia a SaaS software company providing specialized tax and accounting services tailored for this particular segment. Recognizing the gaps in the market, Formations leverages a blend of SaaS self-service and human expertise to guide these small businesses of one through the complexities of self-employment tax, S Corp benefits, and the optimization of their organizational structure.
March 23, 2024


Formations faced a problem: identifying their ideal customer in a sea of potential leads. The challenge was not just attracting website visitors with their marketing strategies but discerning which prospects truly aligned with their service offerings. Given the diversity of small businesses, a multitude of factors—such as what state they do business in, or not meeting the financial criteria—could disqualify a prospect. The previous solution was a labor-intensive one, involving expert salespeople who have conversations with numerous prospects, often leading to a high rate of disqualification. This process was not only inefficient but also demanded significant time and expertise.


"The introduction of MAX, our SDR chat application, is more than a technological leap; it's a transformation of how we connect with our clients. It has the potential to reshape our engagement landscape, ensuring that every conversation we have is more meaningful and every client we serve is exactly who we can help the most."

- Shahar Plinar, CEO, Formations


Simply Augmented was tasked with crafting a solution to streamline the qualification process. The deliverable is an AI chat application called MAX that is capable of dual functions: to engage in expert-level discourse about Formations and to sift through prospects, qualifying or disqualifying them before routing the promising ones to the human experts for closure. This tool, a chat-based sales development representative, is built around existing blog and proprietary content, but the real breakthrough came when the application was engineered to embody the company's qualification criteria, enabling it to proactively determine customer eligibility and integrate seamlessly with Formations' CRM system.


As the new AI system rolls out, the key outcome will be Max’s ability to convert market-qualified leads into sales-qualified ones more effectively. The measure of success is twofold: engagement rates and the volume of qualified leads at the top of the funnel. What's been crucial is the learnings derived from this venture. Simply Augmented emerged with a robust understanding of creating a high-caliber, expert-in-a-box chat experience, managing a knowledge base and utilizing a company's tribal knowledge to enhance organizational effectiveness.