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A Different Kind of Generative AI Solution Provider

At Simply Augmented, we are committed to harnessing the power of AI and Large Language Models to help businesses achieve new levels of efficiency and growth.

We’re excited to announce that we are taking a significant step in our journey with the inclusion of two new key leaders, Ashwin Kadaru and Larry Arnstein—experts in both technology and business strategy.

This marks a shift in our focus to provide even more tailored, efficient, and transformative AI solutions for our clients.

A Comprehensive Approach to AI Adoption

Through extensive engagement with our customers, we’ve identified three major adoption profiles for companies keen on leveraging AI technology. Many businesses are exploring all three avenues in parallel to maximize impact:

Conversational AI

Our custom chat experiences are bridging the gap between self-serve web applications and direct human interactions. Whether for external customer engagement or internal support, our specialized domain-specific chat solutions offer a rich experience that provides answers and solutions while gathering valuable information.

Augmented Workflow

We integrate Gen-AI into conventional applications to accelerate routine workflows that previously had to be done by trained, experienced people,  enabling businesses to free up human capital for more strategic, value-added work.   

Off-the-Shelf Chat Solutions

Leadership and management teams are showing keen interest in leveraging native chat interfaces like ChatGPT for various functions within their organizations. This approach is particularly effective for professionals juggling a wide range of tasks each day. We assist businesses in identifying productive applications and developing methods for success, all while working with native chat UIs.

Real-world Applications: How We Make a Difference

  • Conversational AI: A financial services firm that offers tax and accounting services wanted to leverage their existing terrific knowledge-base to bring value to inbound prospects while gathering information for sales qualification.  The firm engaged us to build a chat experience that does all of the following things in a natural way: 

    • gathers key sales qualification information; 

    • answers technical questions about corporate structures, tax and accounting;

    • promotes the services that the firm provides; and offers appropriate next steps based on qualification criteria.

  • Augmented Workflow: For a staffing firm, our technology enabled their applicant screeners to process resumes 10x faster and with greater objectivity, accuracy and repeatability, thus effectively lifting their growth ceiling. Because resume screening is a core value creator for this firm, we’ll integrate our resume scoring solution directly into their applicant tracking system (ATS). The screeners will never see a chat bubble, but they can provide feedback on scoring results for continuous improvement.

  • Off-the-Shelf Chat: We partnered with a large international commercial real estate firm to provide their brokers with a secure, enterprise-class chat application. The aim is to identify productive uses and to come up with techniques and methods for success mainly via the native chat UI. We fully expect that the outcome of this engagement will be to identify augmentable workflows that require connections to their corporate resources with integration into existing conventional applications.

A Team Geared for Success

The recent addition of our new key leaders, who bring a rich blend of technological prowess and business acumen, serves to fortify our commitment to customer-focused solutions. Together with this team of co-founders, we continue to stand by our core values of integrity and customer focus in all that we do.

Your Partner in AI Transformation

Our strategy is straightforward: Provide a low-risk, cost-effective path to quickly unlock value for your business. We’re here to support you, whichever adoption profiles suit your needs. We aim not just to provide solutions but to grow together with our clients in this ever-evolving landscape of AI and augmentation.

Thank you for your continued partnership and trust in Simply Augmented. We’re excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and are committed to delivering exceptional value through intelligent technology.

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