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DOXA Talent empowers their recruiters with Simply Augmented AI Workflows

Talent Acquisition
United States/Phillipines
Business Background:
DOXA Talent, an offshore staffing agency, excels in the provision of knowledge workers for US based firms, primarily through staff augmentation from the Philippines and currently expanding into countries in Africa and South America. DOXA Talent matches a wide array of skilled professionals with demanding roles in the US market. With a vast pool of talent and an eye for precision, their service model encompasses hiring and people management overseas, optimizing both cost and efficiency for their clients.
March 23, 2024


The central challenge for DOXA Talent was the sheer volume of resumes received - thousands monthly, which needed to be accurately matched to varied job descriptions. The existing process was not only inefficient but also prone to human error and bias, which led to concerns about reliability and quality. Given the critical nature of this task, it was essential for DOXA Talent to improve this process to maintain high service standards for their clientele.


"By leveraging Generative AI in our recruiting process, we have identified even better candidates, which leads to more satisfied customers. Seeing our technology amplify our human capacity while actually increasing our quality output has been transformative for DOXA Talent." "

- David Nilssen, CEO, DOXA Talent


Partnering with Simply Augmented, DOXA Talent addressed their issues by developing a Generative AI web application that screens and scores resumes at scale, effectively narrowing down the pool of candidates and refining the recruitment funnel. The initial phase included rigorous testing with real job descriptions and resumes, where the GenAI tool proved its mettle by consistently identifying top candidates and rediscovering potential hires previously overlooked due to human error.


The integration of AI into DOXA Talent's recruiting workflow has led to a monumental increase in the teams capability—scaling from 60,000 to 400,000 processed resumes annually. The seamless API integration into their applicant tracking system and a user-friendly dashboard strengthen the operational backbone of DOXA Talent. These advancements have not only amplified efficiency but also guaranteed the consistency and neutrality of the recruitment process, setting new benchmarks for the organization.